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Pinnacle Hills Soaps

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My friend Patty from Camillus NY. May '09

 Brian Jr, Kristen and Ty Feb 27 '09

Blossom, not sure what she thinks of the snow, Brian Jr brought down from NY! March 2, '09

Sugar greeting guests on the farm! October '08

Visitors from BUFFALO NY, they came down to visit the farm and go to the Martinsville race with us.

Our niece Charis visiting us .

Nov 16, Brian assisting "Farmer Sharon" at Tranquility Acres Farm with shots.

My son Alex with the "gang" 08-12-08

My grandaugter Patty, visiting Poppy! 08/06/08

Brian's daughter "Tonya" and Patty w/ Scarlet.

It really wasn't that dark out, the flash made it look dark, they were walking Scarlet and Blossom.

May 26, Memorial Day

This is our niece Amy from Alabama, she works at a Vet practice and really liked Poppy and JJ.

My brother Chuck from Houston came up for the holiday weekend to visit family and the farm. Brian's nephew Hasi from Alabama had a ball playing with the goats. He also got to ride on the farm ATV and it made his day!

 May 19 '08

We got to meet Cara and Mica (2 1/2 yrs old) from W-S, they came to visit and to play with goats. Afterwards they went across the road to pick strawberries at Country Road Strawberry Farm.

Friends, family and photos!

This is my sister Julie! She is holding "Tater" at Papa John's farm, she came from the coast of NC to come see my goats and to visit Papa John's farm.

This is Regina from Texas, my brother's girlfriend.

April 5, 08. This is my sister Anne with JJ, she came up to visit for a sisters weekend.

Greg & Karen (from Syracuse NY) with Scarlet, Pebbles & Sugar


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