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Pinnacle Hills Soaps

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Pinnacle Hills Soaps

Pinnacle Hills Soaps

Hi, my name is Mary Colman I am the soap marker at Pinnacle Hills Soaps.  Welcome to our  SOAP WEB STORE.  Our Goat Milk Soaps are hand crafted in our soap kitchen on our farm in Pinnacle NC. Our fresh frozen raw goat milk is from a local farm with Lamancha goats, just like we had on our farm for 10 years.

Soap scents are subject to availability.   It's always possible that a soap could be sold out or is curing on the racks. Most of our soaps are made with these ingredients: Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil (non-gmo), Castor Oil, Shea Butter(organic) or Cocoa Butter(organic), avocado and Lye. Phthalate free Fragrances, No Parabens, Canola Free. Sustainable Palm is used in 1 recipe, our Jewelweed Soap.   EO is Essential oil, FO is Fragrance oil.

Please email at [email protected] if you have any questions. Please text only to cell number, thank you.

Thank you for visiting our farm soap store.  ☮❤~Mary Colman 


All Lip Balm Salves, Balms, Massage Oil SOAP SETS